When the communities feel a need to implement a school project (or any they engage us towards the process of discussing it to completion and running it. We are catalysts or facilitators of the whole process. The feedback we get from the communities we support are positive and encourage as they sort out problems faced in those communities we give opportunities to vulnerable poor children to be able to obtain education.

looking at our profile you will be able to see that we were able to implement a water irrigation project to sustain the communities in terms of food and as an income generating activity. We also facilitate in the acquiring of inputs and market for community produce. Other projects please refer to the profile.

Dialogue international helps and intends to help not less than 600,000 households direct and indirectly in a given country.
News- we are currently in need to engage a professional fundraising institution, individual or individuals.


We mobilized rural communities in Kalomo District in Siachitema area to value the importance of surface water to the establishment of a dam for irrigation under a project known as Area Development project funded by World vision (Siachitema).This was done under our supervision by our engineer Matthews Mhango.