Our Partners

Have been in more than twenty meetings this year with Ministry of Education, World Food Programme and Ministry of Agriculture (as a consortium) discussing the modalities of re-introducing the school garden and feeding programme as implementers

Have been in discussions with United Nations Commission for Africa (UNECA) and COMESA on the possibilities of embarking on water harvesting in the region.

In partnership with African Carbon Credit Exchange (ACCE) to undertake a low carbon development project in three countries.

Have been sponsored 3 times in Zambia  and 4 times Tanzania since 2010 by the Brazilian Government to participate in short developmental courses in Agriculture and Environment in Brazil.

This year January sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology through its implementing agent National Technology Business centre(NTBC) to undertake a short course in Egypt on Research and Development Science Packs.

Last year (November 2011) sponsored by GEF to attend a regional Expanded Constituency Workshop (ECW) in Cape town-South Africa.

Partners with Climate Focus Network (CFN) Zambia.

Members of Zambia Climate Change Network(ZCCN)

Board members of NTBC organizing International Development and Design Summit (IDDS) to be hosted by Zambia next year.

Known as Dialogue for we engage communities as a bridge into developmental discussions).International-During our international interaction and presentations people from other countries develop interest in being part of our works currently we have members in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Burundi, Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Northern and Southern Sudan.