Welcome to Dialogue Africa


Seeing an African continent which is able to peacefully discuss, resolve what ever affects it, coming up with sustainable measures through active participation.


Mission statement
Being a catalyst of development by working with communities who are willing to improve their livelihoods through active participation. We believe the solution to any problem lies in the affected discussing it and participating towards find everlasting remedies.



Welcome to Dialogue International, Please learn more about us as we know you are able to participate towards human life improvement.
We expect you our site visitors to clearly understand what the NGO is all about , participate in various ways as partners , such as volunteering and donating… Read more



When the communities feel a need to implement a school project (or any they engage us towards the process of discussing it to completion and running it. We are catalysts or facilitators of the whole process. The feedback we get from the communities we support are positive and encourage as they sort out problems faced in those communities we give opportunities to vulnerable poor children to be able to obtain education. Read more….



If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle. William H. McRaven